Listen as ARM Group’s CEO, Bryan Wehler, P.E.,P.G., shares his views on trends within the A&E Industry and how ARM is navigating the changing landscape in engineering consulting on The Zweig Letter Podcast!

Bryan Wehler, P.E., P.G., ARM’s President and CEO has been with the firm for over 15 years and focuses primarily on projects within the solid waste and energy industries.  Outside of project work, Bryan focuses on talent acquisition, business strategy and execution, sales and marketing, and continuous improvement and educational initiatives.  Bryan recently joined Zweig Group’s Randy Wilburn on The Zweig Letter Podcast to discuss a wide range of topics from why culture is so important in growing a design firm to how to find and retain talented employees!


Key points to listen for:

  • How to sustain excellence across all verticals
  • Potential growth opportunities
  • How to retain great talent?
  • Where do you see STEM education fitting in?
  • What new and evolving technologies can we utilize in the upcoming years?