ARM Supports Harrisburg Area Community College’s Environmental Technician Training

ARM supported the Harrisburg Area Community College’s (HACC’s) Environmental Technician Training program by providing expert technical instruction in environmental remediation as well as wetland regulations and identification as part of ecological studies.  ARM’s Scott Wendling presented a session on Environmental Remediation covering the following topics:

  • Risk Evaluations and Environmental Regulations
  • Site Classification and Remediation Technology Evaluations
  • Remediation Technologies
  • Funding, Planning / Design, Reporting, and Project Examples

ARM’s Michelle Cohen presented on Wetland Regulations covering the following topics:

  • Regulatory Framework Protecting Streams
  • Wetlands and Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Wetland Identification
  • Field Sampling Techniques  

Ms. Cohen developed the 4.5 hour training session to include guest speakers from PADCNR (Kent Taylor) who provided an overview and interactive training of the Pennsylvania Conservation Explorer and PADEP (Dave Goerman) who provided an overview of functional assessment protocols, mitigation banking and other upcoming PADEP assessment and conservation planning initiatives.  The students now have a familiarity with ecological assessments and the tools available to conduct wetland assessments, threatened and endangered species evaluations and aquatic resource compensation.