ARM Provides Environmental Due Diligence Support for Proposed Marcellus E&P Transaction

Butler, Lawrence, Centre, Clearfield & Westmoreland Counties, PA

Representing a potential buyer, ARM conducted an environmental due diligence review of the surface operations at developed unconventional upstream assets, including well pads, condensate and produced water facilities, tank batteries, compressor stations and metering stations to determine the current status of environmental and regulatory considerations and to identify existing and potential liabilities that engineeringcould have an impact on future development.

ARM evaluated critical issues that could potentially affect the buyer’s ability to further develop the leaseholds, which included: i) known environmental liabilities; ii) past drilling and operational practices; iii) history of spills, releases, stray gas and remediation projects; and, iv) waste management records, including waste generation and disposal of produced water, drill cuttings and other wastes.  ARM also reviewed existing facility permits and aided the prospective buyer with permit transfer support.  ARM’s findings were submitted in an environmental due diligence review report within an expedited time frame to accommodate the proposed transaction.