Wastewater Engineering Services

Picture1The collection and conveyance of wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial sources continues to be a growing concern for municipalities and authorities as their aging sewer infrastructure increasingly exhibits structural and operational problems while the demand from new development simultaneously increases.  Managing, expanding, improving and upgrading wastewater collection systems requires a combination of wise planning coupled with sound, experienced engineering practices.

ARM Group Inc.’s (ARM’s) personnel have considerable knowledge and experience in wastewater collection and conveyance system engineering and can provide the expertise to undertake and successfully complete the following:

 Studies and Planning

  • Act 537 Planning
  • Sewershed StudiesPicture2
  • Collection System Surveying and Mapping
  • Geophysical Surveys and Utility Location
  • GIS System Integration
  • Hydraulic Analysis and Hydraulic Modelling
  • Sewer Inspections and Evaluations
  • Flow Monitoring Programs and Flow Data Analyses
  • Infiltration and Inflow Analyses and Abatement Studies
  • SSO and CSO Evaluation and Abatement
  • Consent Order Management, Scheduling and Compliance
  • Intermunicipal/Regional System Management and Agreement Negotiations

 Design Services

  • “No-Dig” Sewer and Manhole Rehabilitation
  • Sewer Operations and Maintenance
  • Pumping Station DesignPicture3
  • Sewer and Manhole Replacement Design
  • Bypass Pumping System Design and Operations
  • Permitting
  • Construction Management/CQA

ARM’s personnel can provide efficient and cost effective solutions to address a client’s need when it comes to the management and improvement of wastewater collection systems.  We can offer services in this area for single, small-scale projects or for multiple assignments spanning several years.