Dam Engineering

ARM provides the engineering consulting team necessary to design new dams, or to inspect, evaluate, repair, and rehabilitate existing dams. Our strength lies in developing a scope of services that addresses not only the technical issues, but also reflects the expectations of our client. Once the scope has been established, ARM will assemble the appropriate technical personnel to implement the services, from project siting studies to on-site quality assurance testing and oversight during construction. ARM’s in-house design and permitting services include:

Dam Design & Permitting

Our professional and technical services relative to dam design and construction cover four primary areas:

  • New dam investigation and design
  • Safety inspections and emergency planning for existing dams
  • Remedial dam and spillway repair investigations and design
  • Construction administration and CQA

ARM typically provides services to dam owners – often serving as the representative or liaison between the owner and the appropriate state and federal agencies. ARM’s project experience includes numerous projects involving both new and remedial designs for dams and spillways. Our services include investigation, development of recommendations, design, permitting, emergency action and breach plans, plan and specification preparation, and construction oversight.

Water Resources and Civil Engineering

ARM has extensive professional experience in water resources including dam planning and permitting, dam removals, hydrology and hydraulics modeling, stream restoration and enhancements, Best Management Practice (BMP) design and operations, watershed management planning, erosion and sediment control design, flow measurement, interpretation of water quality data, and water quality modeling.

Geotechnical Investigation and Analysis

ARM routinely conducts subsurface investigations to obtain the information needed for the design of dam foundations, earthen structures, cut slopes, and embankments. These investigations typically involve performing exploratory borings, installation of monitoring instrumentation,  and materials testing. ARM can supplement this information with its in-house geophysical testing and data-reduction capabilities. Geophysical survey techniques include borehole logging, seismic refraction, and electrical resistivity procedures, used to delineate saturated or disturbed material and to evaluate preferential seepage paths within soil and bedrock.

Information obtained from field investigations is used to develop and support the analyses performed during the remainder of the design process, including determination of bearing capacity and settlement, evaluation of slope stability, design of internal drainage measures; evaluation of dynamic loading and response, lateral loading, and uplift restraint.  ARM also has considerable experience in the evaluation and selection of ground improvement techniques, if needed, to accommodate less than favorable site conditions.

Construction Administration and Quality Assurance

ARM performs construction administration and Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) on the majority of our remedial and new construction projects. Services include preparation of bid documents and assistance in the bid procurement process. Our contract administration services are tailored to provide scope-of-services to supplement the client’s ability to support the project as necessary. Our CQA team has extensive experience in the construction process and in construction testing. CQA personnel include field technicians and degreed engineers and geologists.