Water Resources

All of us rely upon an adequate quantity and quality of water. Additionally, a growing population and growing economy increase demands for water supply, storage and protection of our surface waters. As a result, the availability of an adequate, safe water supply is vital to sustain development — a critical issue for this century. Water dependability is therefore an important concern, both to municipalities and industry, as influences such as drought cycles, growth, El Nino effects, and contamination affect water quality.

This background of circumstances warrants a managed approach to water planning and development, conservation, and protection. ARM hydrogeologists and water resources engineers have extensive experience with small and large communities, watersheds, resorts, and industries in comprehensive water planning and protection projects. Especially relevant is our approach to establishing performance criteria for the land areas of a watershed and use preferences via comprehensive planning and zoning to protect and preserve the present and future quantity and quality of both groundwater and surface water resources. ARM personnel will work with you to establish a workable and balanced approach to water resource management.