Waste Management

Managing waste in concert with natural resources becomes increasingly difficult as existing disposal facilities approach capacity and available land resources diminish. ARM’s engineers and scientists have successfully addressed waste disposal issues involving solid and hazardous waste disposal for over 25 years. We work closely with municipalities, industries, and waste authorities to incorporate emerging technologies with established practices to maximize site efficiency, minimize waste generation, and remediate impacted areas.

Landfill Management and Operations Support

  • Airspace and Capacity Analysis
  • Waste Composition Evaluation
  • Daily/Alternative Cover Product Evalution
  • Financial Assessment and Capital Cost Planning
  • Annual Landfill Sequencing Plans
  • GPS/Electronic Equipment Data Tabulation

Site Investigations, Permitting and Compliance Support

Waste Disposal Facilities Engineering

  • Landfill Liner System Analysis and Selection
    1. Geosynthetic
    2. Composite
    3. Clay
    4. Attenuating Base
    5. Inward Gradient
  • Landfill Cap/Alternative Cover System Design
    1. Geosynthetic
    2. Earthen
    3. Phyto/Vegetative
    4. Alternative (synthetic turf)
  • Leachate Management, Recirculation, and Bioreactor Design and Monitoring
  • Composting Facility Design
  • Gas Management and Utilization Systems
  • Odor Control Systems
  • Closure/Post-Closure Plans
  • Airspace Recovery/Enhancement:
    1. Piggybacking/Overfill Design
    2. MSE Berms
    3. Mining, Pre-Loading
  • Construction Quality Assurance Inspection and Testing

Remedial System Application and Design

  • Contaminant Mapping
  • Phytoremediation
  • Reactive Wall Systems
  • Slurry/Containment Walls