ARM and Landfill Methane Verification

ARM has been approved by the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) as a landfill methane verifier. CCX is a self regulated exchange that manages a voluntary program through which greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are registered, reduced, and traded. CCX’s purpose is it to assist businesses in reducing their GHG emissions. This is strictly voluntary and can only be undertaken for projects that are not subject to federal GHG emissions regulations.

CCX member businesses agree to reduce their GHG emissions by specific percentages each year. Target reductions for 2003 through 2006 were one percent per year, cumulative, relative to baseline calculations. In other words, while the goal for reduction in 2003 was one percent, it was two percent in 2004. The goal for all emitting members is a six percent baseline reduction by 2010.

Those members that reduce their emissions below the target level can sell surplus emission allowances on the exchange, or bank them for the future. A member that cannot achieve the CCX target, at its own facilities, can meet its commitment by purchasing emission allowances from other CCX members that reduce their emissions by greater than targeted amounts. The commodity traded at CCX is the CFI contract, each of which represents 100 metric tons of CO2 equivalent. CFI contracts are comprised of Exchange Allowances and Exchange Offsets. Exchange Offsets are generated by qualifying offset projects.

Methane is one of six types of GHGs that are part of the CCX program and the gas that landfill operators typically focus on controlling. The CCX integrated GHG reduction trading system offset project portfolio includes landfill methane offset generation. In order to qualify as an offset, the project must undergo third party verification by a CCX approved verifier. ARM has assisted a number of landfill clients in the development of beneficial uses for their landfill gases and has engineered gas collection and monitoring systems for numerous sites. It is this experience that qualified ARM for approval as a landfill methane verifier and will benefit those requesting ARM’s services.

As a methane gas verifier, ARM will be retained by CCX members to verify the quantities of methane gas emissions that members report on the CCX. CCX members must have their gas flow measurements, records, and procedures verified annually. Landfill methane offset projects that were placed into service on or after January 1, 1999 may qualify, and may earn offsets during the years 2003 through 2010.

Examples of landfill methane projects that are accepted by the CCX and may benefit from trading gas credits on the CCX include:

  • Landfill gas collection and treatment systems installed to mitigate gas migration, if the treatment (combustion) of the gas is voluntary
  • The sale of energy produced from landfill gas to third parties
  • Use of landfill gas to power in-house operations
  • Specific stipulations pertain to electricity producing projects activated after January 1, 2005, methane collection projects that include electricity generation may also qualify for Emission Offsets from Renewable Energy based on displaced emissions

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