Water Resources Services

Hydrologic Studies

ARM professionals have completed hydrologic studies for hundreds of different sites, project objectives, and clients. These studies have focused on both water quantity and quality, and have ranged from general inventories of available water resources to the collection of site-specific data and detailed groundwater modeling. The wide array of studies performed include:

  • Basin-wide water resource inventories
  • Aquifer characterization
  • Water quality & quantity determinations
  • Aquifer recharge rate evaluations
  • Integrated groundwater and surface water modeling

Water Resources Engineering

Stormwater management and watershed conservation have become topics of concern as more green areas are developed.  With public concern has come ever increasing regulation of stormwater, erosion and sediment control, water quality and other water resource issues. Addressing these concerns and regulations requires expertise and technology. ARM’s skills and experience in water resource engineering produces innovative and cost effective solutions to resolve these special needs. Our creative approaches have provided our clients with solutions that work. Our areas of expertise include:

Planning and Permitting:

  • Stormwater management planning
  • Stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP)
  • Dam safety permitting
  • Erosion and sedimentation control plans

Stormwater Management:

  • Stormwater system design
  • Best management practices (BMP)
  • Low impact design (LID)
  • Open channel and culvert analysis
  • Bank stabilization and bioengineering
  • Erosion and sediment control devices
  • Operational and maintenance manuals
  • Watershed analysis and flood studies

Watershed Management:

  • Watershed analysis using HEC-HMS
  • River analysis using HEC-RAS
  • Water supply
  • Flood hazard studies
  • FEMA CLOMR/LOMR preparation
  • Scour analysis
  • Dam failure analysis
  • Bridge and culvert H&H studies

Stream Restoration and Mitigation:

  • Stream restoration and realignment
  • Natural channel design
  • Stream geomorphology assessments
  • Bioengineering and stabilization
  • Wetland creation, enhancement, and restoration
  • Mitigation and monitoring plans
  • HEC-RAS and sediment transport modeling
  • Drawings and specifications
  • Constructions administration and quality assurance
  • Post-construction monitoring

Water Quality Services:

  • Stormwater monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring plans
  • Water quality modeling
  • Erosion control inspections
  • Illicit discharge detection and elimination
  • Total maximum daily loads (TMDL)

Dam Engineering Services:

  • New and rehabilitation permitting
  • Hydrology and hydraulic modeling
  • Emergency action plans
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Engineering design
  • Modeling (river and failure analysis)
  • Technical specification and bid documents
  • Inspections, operations, and maintenance consultation
  • Construction administration and quality assurance
  • Dam removal and breach plans