Horizontal Directional Drilling – HDD

ARM continues to set the standard for excellence and leadership in the oil & gas and infrastructure markets.  We have spent years understanding the unique and constantly changing challenges which our clients face everyday.  We make it our priority to understand the geology, regulations and other intricacies throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia to make your next project successful.  

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a steerable, trenchless method that is utilized to install underground pipes, conduit, and cables along a designed bore path beneath various types of obstacles.  HDD minimizes restoration and allows infrastructure to be installed in areas inaccessible by traditional open-cut methods.

ARM offers the following HDD related services:

  • HDD Design
  • HDD Alternative Analysis
  • Permitting (Chapter 105 & 102)
  • Pre-Drill Baseline Sampling & Notifications
  • HDD Plan Development
    (Contingency, Mitigation & Response Plans)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Inadvertent Return Contingency Planning
  • Karst Area Reviews
  • HDD Installation Oversight & Documentation
  • Geophysical Surveys of Proposed Alignment(s)
  • Evaluation of Potential Hydrogeologic Impacts