GIS Services

ARM recognizes the need to manage and analyze technical and geospatial data and provide Geographical Information Systems (GIS) capabilities to meet the demands of the Oil & Gas industry. The following are general areas of technology that ARM offers:

Mapping/Document Management

GIS Mapping DocumentA significant limitation of hard-copies is rapid obsolescence due to project changes and client requests. Using the latest software and technologies available, ARM can illustrate and animate data and enable the user to interact with their mapping.

ARM offers custom Document Management Systems (DMS) to digitize, organize, and archive environmental documents. Our systems use GIS to spatially organize data and to provide an easy to use interface to navigate.


Geospatial/GIS Services

  • GIS data creation, conversion, and management
  • Topographic/base mapping
  • Data analysis
  • Environmental constraint impact analysis and assessment
  • Spatial analysis

Three-Dimensional Modeling

ARM also has the capabilities to model all GIS or CAD three-dimensionally. Any data that has a spatial reference can be placed into a rich three-dimensional scene. The end product is a deliverable with geographic data and CAD precision, presented in a format that is visually appealing and easily understandable.

Global Positioning Systems

ARM utilizes Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in many aspects of its services. Data can be collected from the field and quickly brought into GIS and CAD. This rapid acquisition of data is an important part of the quality assurance aspect of ARM’s services.