Engineering Design-Build / CQA Services

ARMĀ and its alliance contractors provide turnkey design-build services to expedite drill readiness and to ensure that access roads, impoundments, embankments, drill pads, erosion/sedimentation control, and ancillary facilities are constructed in accordance with the approved plans and in a manner that achieves compliance with permits and regulations. The ARM team can respond to field conditions, make design modifications, if needed, and manage construction to minimize cost overruns, delays, change order claims, and regulatory violations by managing and certifying construction activities.

These seamless design-build services provide a product that is done correctly and efficiently to assist operators who are managing critical timelines and avoiding regulatory concerns during construction. Based both on ARM’s experience and the regulatory enforcement environment, it is important for the engineers who design and certify permit applications to be involved in the construction of the final product to ensure that the technical design is followed and that there are no unapproved deviations from the design. This involvement affords the gas companies the most reasonable assurance that regulatory and/or performance issues that might otherwise arise with a detached contractor will be avoided.