Natural Resources

ARM’s natural resources professionals continually apply their technical skills and offer valuable experience and guidance to clients to successfully achieve desired project outcomes.  ARM takes a pro-active multi-disciplined team approach in working with clients to develop a practical and cost-effective plan that meets project schedules, complies with local, state and federal regulations and maintains environmental stewardship.  ARM is accustomed to working in both the public and private sectors to address a broad range of needs.  ARM’s qualified natural resource professionals offer the services for the focus areas presented below.

Water Resource Services 

ARM can provide multiple water resource assessment services to develop baseline conditions, assess potential impacts and provide post project restoration services.


  • Identification/Delineation/Functional Assessments/Reporting
  • Jurisdictional Determinations
  • Avoidance and Minimization Strategies/Alternative Analysis
  • Mitigation Design and Monitoring For Permit Compliance

Streams and Aquatic Resources

  • Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community Assessment
  • Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Assessments
  • Stream Restoration-Assessment, Design and Monitoring
  • Watershed Assessment and Plan Development


ARM’s experienced staff is knowledgeable in the regulatory process at local, state and federal levels and can navigate through the agency coordination and review process to successfully achieve environmental clearance.

  • Pre-application Meetings
  • Municipal, County, State and Federal Agency Coordination
  • Joint Permit/General Permit  Applications

Threatened and Endangered Species

ARM’s biologists can provide ecological services to identify and evaluate sensitive communities and species.  Early project screening is key to integrating measures to avoid and minimize impacts upon protected species.

  • State and Federal Resource Agency Coordination
  • Project Consultation
  • Plant and Wildlife Species Habitat Assessments/Surveys (Timber Rattlesnake Assessments, Allegheny Woodrat Habitat Assessments and Surveys and Indiana Bat Conservation Plans)
  • Biological Assessments

Species and Habitat Related Information

Recommended survey protocols, guidelines and techniques for select species of special concern are linked below.  Additionally, habitat creation guidelines for species are linked below.

Survey Protocols, Guidelines and Techniques

Habitat Creation

Additional Services

ARM’s professionals also offer additional specialized services related to terrestrial ecology, NEPA, and environmental education.

  • Bird and Raptor Surveys
  • NEPA Compliance and Documentation
  • Wildlife Habitat Assessments and Planning
  • Environmental Education Planning and Programs