Health Science

ARM’s health scientists assist clients in addressing challenges pertaining to environmental health and safety, whether in the workplace, the home, or the general environment.  We partner with industry associations and researchers in the US and Europe to focus on chemical carcinogenesis, toxicology, pharmacology and epidemiology, health risk assessment, environmental fate and transport modeling, and food chemistry. 

ARM’s Health Science Services include:

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Air Toxics/Air Modeling/Air Permitting
  • Indoor Air Quality/Vapor Intrusion Assessment
  • Occupational Exposure Assessment
  • Consumer Product Safety Evaluations
  • Expert Witness Services/Litigation Support
  • Food Safety
  • Evaluation and Comment on Proposed Rules/Regulations
  • Proposition 65 Assessment
  • Drug & Alcohol Toxicology
  • Epidemiological Assessment
  • Risk Communication/Public Hearing Support/Stakeholder Engagement