ARM’s geophysicists have performed thousands of surveys at sites located across the country and abroad. These sites have been situated in varying terrains having many different types of subsurface conditions. Our geophysicists apply their geological and geotechnical backgrounds and experience to provide cost effective geophysical surveys.

ARM Geophysics supports the following markets:

Oil and Gas

ARM provides Land Seismic and Borehole Logging Services for the Oil and Gas Markets in the Appalachian Basin and surrounding states. ARM provides state of the art technologies for providing highly cost effective surface and subsurface evaluation of potential Oil and Gas zones, for determining well construction plans, and for environmental applications (i.e. stray gas migration studies).
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Geotechnical Surveysgeotechnical

During engineering and land development projects, ARM’s geophysicists provide enhanced data acquisition capabilities. We use non-destructive geophysical techniques such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), microgravity, electromagnetic (EM) resistivity (electrical resistivity imaging), and seismic surveys to obtain subsurface information more quickly and often more cost effectively than using conventional methods of data acquisition. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Sinkhole Investigations
  • Top of Rock Surveys
  • Bedrock Rippability Determinations
  • Concrete Inspections (Structure Scan)
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Water Resource Surveyswaterresource

We assist with the development of water resources by conducting non-intrusive and relatively low-cost surveys that help hydrogeologists delineate potential sources of water as well as particular types of water bearing materials such as sand and gravel. ARM’s geophysicists have experience providing:

  • Well Siting
  • Support for Fracture Trace Analyses
  • Top of Bedrock Delineation
  • Downhole Geophysics for Well Construction and Rehabilitation

Environmental Surveys

Prior to conducting intrusive subsurface investigations (drilling borings or digging backhoe trenches) to identify contaminants or buried storage containers, ARM’s geophysicists conduct non-intrusive surveys to provide an indication of subsurface conditions. Types of projects where geophysical surveys can aid in saving valuable time and reduce costs include:

  • Initial Delineation of Contaminant Plumes
  • Determination of Migration Pathways
  • Location of Buried Drums/USTs
  • Lateral and Vertical Delineation of Landfills

Utility Location

ARM geophysicists have located underground utilities in hundreds of different settings for many purposes. We have located single, relatively short conveyance pipes as well as complex networks of water, sewer, condensate, electrical, and telephone lines at large industrial facilities. Our services have included:

  • Site-wide Utility Mapping
  • Individual Utility Tracing
  • Clearing for Individual Boring Locations