Above Ground Storage Tanks

ast-1Above Ground Storage Tanks, commonly referred to as ASTs, have quickly become one of the most prevalent ways to store the high volumes of fluids. AST usage has risen in recent years due to their modularity, quick assembly/disassembly time, and relatively low cost compared to traditional methods of water storage. However, increased AST usage has led to new and evolving regulations, particularly on the state and local levels. ARM’s scientists and engineers are well-versed in our region’s AST permitting and compliance requirements, as well as proper construction and installation procedures, including environmental monitoring and reporting, AST system retrofitting/upgrades, cathodic protection, and secondary containment.

AST Permitting and Compliance Services
ARM offers a variety of permitting and compliance services to stay abreast of the regulatory requirements associated with new and existing ASTs. ARM’s field inspectors work under the direct supervision of a qualified professional engineer. ARM also has extensive experience in spill response, environmental monitoring and regulatory correspondence, as well as:

  • Registration and Permitting
  • Spill Prevention Response (SPR) Plans
  • Inspection and Certification
  • Compliance Audits and Reporting

AST Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Services
ARM’s unique Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) services provide daily oversight and documentation of AST installations to ensure they are constructed safely, efficiently, and within regulation. ARM’s field staff exhibits extensive knowledge of AST construction procedures, and are ast-3proficient at identifying acceptable subgrade conditions, defective or damaged geosynthetics, proper installation techniques, etc. ARM also provides annual AST inspection services and integrity testing using fluorescent dyes. ARM’s comprehensive reporting provides insight to the installation and/or inspection processes, and typically includes recommendations to enhance current AST performance or improve future tank installations. ARM has extensive experience in:

  • Acceptable Subgrade Preparation and Approval
  • GPS Survey and Development of As-Built Drawings
  • Comprehensive Installation QA & Reporting
  • Proper Installation Techniques
  • Integrity Testing using Fluorescent Dye