York Haven

Dauphin & Lancaster Counties, PA

York Haven Nature-Like Fishway Botanical Survey

ARM’s botanist conducted field investigations within a 36-acre area, which included portions of Three-Mile Island (restricted access) and the scoured bedrocknr-1 habitat within the Susquehanna River downstream of the York Haven Dam. The proposed project involves the construction of a nature-like fishway passage structure for migrating fish in Dauphin and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania. A Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) review and subsequent coordination with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) determined that five Pennsylvania species of special concern (SOSC) and an ecological community of concern (Riverside Ice Scour Community) were located in the project vicinity.

DCNR protocols for pre-survey, survey, and findings documentation were used as a guide throughout the investigation. Botanical surveys for the five plant species of concern were planned and conducted to accommodate the species blooming periods and suitable low river flow conditions. Close coordination with the dam operators was necessary to control and monitor surface water releases below the main dam during the survey.

Two SOSC were identified and recorded in the project vicinity and the ecological community of concern was identified and delineated. The Botanical Survey Reportnr-3 documented the locations of aster-like boltonia (Boltonia asteroides) and flat-stemmed spike-rush (Eleocharis compressa). Vouchers of the nr-2two species were processed and submitted to an approved Pennsylvania herbarium, as required. No SOSC plant population or ecological community of concern were observed within the proposed limits of disturbance or immediately adjacent surrounding area. The DCNR concurred with the findings of the botanical survey and determined that the project would not likely impact SOSC or ecological community of concern.