Washington Township Municipal Authority

Wellhead Protection Zones 1 and 2 for Hess water supply well.

Waynesboro, PA

Source Water Protection Planning and Water Supply Development

Client: Washington Township Management Authority

ARM is assisting the Washington Township Municipal Authority (WTMA) with its water resources management and planning including the preparation of a source water protection plan and development of a new water supply well.

Source Water Protection Planning
Initially, ARM prepared a grant application for WTMA to receive a Source Water Protection Program (SWPP) grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP). When the Township was awarded a SWPP grant, ARM prepared a Source Water Protection Plan for WTMA’s drinking water supply, which includes 5 wells and 4 springs. Preparation of the plan required determination of aquifer characteristics, critical recharge zones, groundwater flow patterns, and potential threats to the quality of the water supply. ARM also recommended potential new source areas to ensure the future of WTMA’s water supply in areas where groundwater would be less likely to be impacted by commercial, industrial, or agricultural activities.

Water Supply Development
ARM also reconstructed one of WTMA’s existing 6-inch diameter test wells for use as a groundwater supply well. ARM conducted downhole video logging of the well to evaluate the existing condition of the well bore, identify visible mud-filled zones, and select zones for discrete testing. Short-term pumping tests were then performed on targeted intervals using an inflatable packer assembly to segregate individual zones. Based on information from the pumping tests, the test well was reconstructed as an 8-inch diameter water supply well with permanent casing installed through muddy zones to a depth of 242 feet. The smaller diameter well was less expensive than a 10-inch diameter well and yielded the maximum low turbidity water that could be produced from this borehole.

To further reduce turbidity and meet PADEP turbidity requirements, ARM pumped the newly reconstructed well intermittently throughout a 22-day period. ARM also recommended a pumping rate and procedure to help ensure that the well would more consistently provide low turbidity water for WTMA. PADEP approved the pumping procedure and issued WTMA a permit.

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