Washington Township Municipal Authority-Antietam Creek

Fencing along Antietam Creek

Waynesboro, PA

Protection Plan

Client: Washington Township Management Authority

Washington Township is drained principally by Antietam Creek. Due to extreme land development pressures and the disappearance of open space along the riparian corridor of Antietam Creek, the Washington Township Municipal Authority (WTMA) engaged ARM to prepare a Riparian Corridor Overlay District for its Township Zoning Ordinance. Working in conjunction with the Antietam Creek Watershed Association and the Renfrew Institute, ARM prepared a new Ordinance with measures that address: stream segment designations and classifications; location of regulated riparian corridors; permitted uses and activities; Zone A and Zone B boundaries; Conditional Use permitting provisions; prohibitions; inspection procedures; and management requirements.

ARM’s engineering staff worked with the project Steering Committee to first establish purposes for the new Ordinance. Primary purposes were: implement the Comprehensive Plan; preserve, protect and restore the Township’s waterways; establish a formal Antietam Creek Greenway; enhance property values; preserve and protect ecological habitat; and coordinate land development activities near waterways among local, state and federal agencies

The project was initiated with meetings with representatives of the Antietam Creek Watershed Association, WTMA and the Township Supervisors. Topographic mapping was used to establish Zone A and Zone B riparian corridors along Antietam Creek, with land use controls developed that were standardized for each Zone. Zone A activities are limited to strict open space uses (fishing, parkland, ecological habitat, wetlands, normal farming; and flood control, etc.); Zone B activities are limited to open space, including residential uses (rear yard and side yard areas, and driveways); public utilities; golf courses; and campgrounds, plus uses as specified for Zone B. Cattle grazing with direct stream access is prohibited, with fencing standards set forth in the Ordinance.

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