Sparrows Point Environmental Site Assessments

ARM was retained to perform Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), on a parcel by parcel basis, across the 3,000-acre Sparrows Point property to address RCRA Corrective Action and Maryland Voluntary Cleanup Program requirements.

From the late 1800s until 2012, the production and manufacturing of steel was conducted at Sparrows Point. Iron and steel production operations and processes at Sparrows Point, included raw material handling, coke production, sinter production, iron production, steel production, and semi-finished and finished product preparation.

In 1970, Sparrows Point was the largest steel facility in the United States, producing hot and cold rolled sheets, coated materials, pipes, plates, rod and wire. The steelmaking operations at the Facility ceased in Fall 2012. Numerous buildings and facilities may have been historical sources of environmental contamination. Under direct oversight of the MDE and EPA, ARM prepared a site-specific Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), and parcel-specific Work Plans that identified historical activities and sampling targets to guide each investigation.

The Phase II Investigations were performed using a combination of Geoprobe direct push equipment for the collection of soil and groundwater samples, hollow-stem auger rigs for the installation of groundwater monitoring wells, and sub-slab soil gas sampling techniques to ensure that existing buildings were suitable for occupancy.

Following the Phase II Investigations, ARM was responsible for preparing Phase II Investigation reports and Response and Development Work Plans; which included screening level human risk assessments and proposed engineering and institutional controls. Additional responsibilities included management of all sub-contractors, investigation derived waste (IDW), sample management, creating and maintaining a GIS database to manage all historical and new data, construction and remedial activity oversight and the preparation of completion reports.

ARM Group Inc. is currently providing additional engineering and regulatory support to facilitate the remediation and closure of various historic waste areas, canals, lagoons and landfills.