South Hadley Landfill Solar Integrated MSE Berm

South Hadley, MA

As part of the Cell 2D Vertical Expansion at the South Hadley Landfill, South Hadley Landfill LLC (SHL) is installing a solar system on a south-facing segment of the Cell 2D mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) berm.  The solar system will consist of a heavy duty rack and rail system to support the mounting of 372 photovoltaic (PV) modules.  The PV sub-arrays, comprised of 6 PV modules each, are supported by a cantilevered rack system consisting of transverse horizontal steel tubes.  The transverse horizontal tubes are attached to the face of the MSE berm by longitudinal horizontal steel tube anchors, which are welded to a steel plate that is embedded within the berm. Currently, 248 MSE berm embedment anchors have been installed, equating to 62 sub-arrays containing 6 modules each (i.e., 372 total modules). The PV system will be net metered and is expected to offset approximately 50-percent of the landfill’s annual energy consumption.  Employing the latest PV technologies, the design has been optimized to maximize solar energy production while minimizing the installed cost of the system.

South Hadley