Resource Recovery Landfill

Centre County, PA

Master Plan for Proposed Site

Engineering and Environmental Consulting and Project Management for Landfill Design, Permitting and Site Development

Client: Resource Recovery LLC

The Resource Recovery Landfill project is a prototype of the 21st century ecologically progressive development for solid waste management and renewable energy production. The property consists of a 5, 758-acre parcel of land located in Rush and Snow Shoe Townships, Centre County, Pennsylvania. The project is located entirely within the Rush Township portion of the property. ARM is responsible for conducting and coordinating technical aspects of this multi-phase project to ensure that design, permitting, and construction efforts progress properly and efficiently. These project phases include the Resource Recovery Landfill, a dedicated Route 80 Interchange and public road relocation, environmental enhancements, a future industrial park, and potential future railroad access. In 2006, the Solid Waste Permit and Chapter 105 (Joint Permit) applications and point-of-access (POA) study for the interchange were submitted to the governing agencies.

The Resource Recovery Landfill Project: ARM is designing this municipal waste landfill to operate as a bioreactor landfill using leachate recirculation and waste placement techniques that will promote rapid biologic decomposition of the organic fraction of the waste. The design┬áincludes active landfill gas extraction, collection, and processing systems to minimize air emissions, accelerate landfill stabilization, and maximize energy recovery. Although the design will accommodate a bioreactor operation, the site will defer “bioreactor” status until such operations can be permitted in Pennsylvania without an RDD permit and/or temporary terms. Consequently, leachate recirculation will be employed, but supplementary liquids will not be added until permitted as a bioreactor. New infrastructure designs include access roads, leachate/wastewater treatment facilities, landfill gas treatment and processing facilities, leachate recirculation structures, stormwater management structures, and other facilities. The site has been designed to optimize capacity, maximize buffers, and preserve wildlife habitat through the use of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) berms. Site selection and footprint orientation will minimize aesthetic and noise impacts, and other potential nuisances.

Environmental Enhancement Projects: The environmental enhancement projects are planned to: 1) alleviate the acid mine drainage and site erosion problems that exist on several portions of the property; 2) mitigate historic mine and highwall safety issues; and 3) enhance wetland function and value by replacing impacted wetlands with higher functioning wetlands and providing improved wildlife habitat.

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