Newport Borough Authority

Shaded Relief Digital Topographic Map of the Newport Area

Perry County, PA

Groundwater Development and Permitting

Client: Newport Borough Authority

ARM was engaged by Newport Borough Authority (Borough) via Glace Associates, Inc. to secure additional water supply for the Borough in Howe Township, Perry County. ARM prepared the Pre-Drilling Plan to convert an existing 6-inch test well into an 8-inch production well. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) approved ARM’s Pre-Drilling Plan, and the well was reconstructed. After final construction, ARM prepared and submitted a Pumping Test Plan to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) that was approved for implementation. Because the well is completed in a sandstone aquifer that has been historically overpumped, The Pumping Test Plan included extensive monitoring to identify potential interference between the newly re-constructed well and pre-existing municipal and domestic wells. The long-term pumping test was conducted with the well producing approximately 150 gpm. The pumping test report, combined with the groundwater withdrawal application and public water supply permit application, have been submitted to SRBC and PADEP for review and approval.

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