Hershey Intermodal Transportation Facility

Hershey Intermodal Facility During Construction

Hershey, PA

Evaluation of Existing Building Foundations

Client: Buchart Horn Inc./BASCO Associates

Owner: Township of Derry Industrial & Commercial Development Authority

ARM assisted Buchart-Horn/BASCO Associates in their evaluation of existing column foundations within the former Hershey Laundry building. The building was being considered for renovation as part of the Intermodal Facility project, and several of the renovation options under consideration involved adding two to four new stories onto the existing two story structure. Placing additional stories on the existing building would have significantly increased the loads on the existing foundations. No information was available regarding bearing conditions beneath the existing column footings, so ARM drilled borings through the existing footings to evaluate the support material beneath the footings, and to assess the feasibility of increasing column loads in conjunction with building expansion. Conditions encountered at the boring locations indicated that the footings had been placed on backfill concrete extending to the underlying limestone bedrock. ARM concluded that the column loads could be safely increased to the levels associated with any of the renovation options.

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