Large Private Texas-Based Exploration & Production Company

Bradford County, PA

ARM has been providing engineering design and permitting to this company across Bradford County in Pennsylvania to support their natural gas well drilling and development operations in the Marcellus Shale formation:

Engineering & permitting:

  • Two pipelines approximately 23, 000 feet and compressor pad
  • Prepared E&S plans
  • Obtained Highway Occupancy Permits for crossings under state roadways

Natural resources:

  • On-site investigation of a 1.2 mile pipeline corridor
  • Identified regulated resources (streams and wetlands) early in the project planning phase
  • Applied the United States Army Corps of Engineers Corps Wetlands delineation Manual (1987)
  • Use of Global Positioning System (GPS) device to navigate and immediately survey natural resource features for incorporation into design mapping
  • Developed permitting/engineering mapping using GIS and CADD
  • Recommended pipeline shifts to avoid and minimize potential impacts on wetlands and streams
  • Implementation of early project planning which allowed the project to move efficiently to the design phase and reduce regulatory agency coordination and review