Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

Creswell and Frey Farm Landfill Gas Collection

Picture showing landfill gas sampling for Tier 2 Testing

Lancaster County, PA

Landfill Gas Collection and Control at Creswell and Frey Farm Landfills

Client: Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA)

To control and manage landfill gas (LFG) emissions, the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA) retained ARM to evaluate, design and construct a LFG collection network and a control system.

The Creswell Landfill (CWLF) and Frey Farm Landfill (FFLF) are owned and operated/maintained by LCSWMA. Both landfills are located on LCSWMA’s property, but are not contiguous, and were permitted separately with different permit numbers. CWLF is a closed, 70-acre landfill, that accepted waste from 1968 to 1989. FFLF has been in operation since 1989 and has predicted disposal capacity until the year 2019. The majority of the waste accepted at FFLF is ash residue generated at LCSWMA’s Resource Recovery Facility.

ARM designed and constructed an active LFG collection system for both FFLF and CWLF. The work included estimation of LFG generation, determination of LFG extraction well locations, design of the collection network including condensate collection and management, sizing blowers and flare, selection of other inline accessories, economic feasibility studies, and well field balancing. The extracted gas is currently used to generate electricity using two reciprocating engines. During the construction phase, ARM provided construction quality assurance (CQA) services and prepared the certification report. In addition, ARM assisted LCSWMA in the preparation of Plan Approval for the Flare, Title V permit, conducted a Tier 2 analysis, and prepared the accompanying report to be submitted to PADEP. ARM is currently investigating expansion of the LFG extraction system for the two landfills.

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