Harrisburg Authority

HarrisburgAuthorityWind Energy Feasibility Study
Client: The Harrisburg Authority

DeHart Reservoir,  Dauphin County, PA

ARM has completed a comprehensive feasibility study and wind resource assessment for the City of Harrisburg, PA that evaluated the potential for locating a 30-megawatt wind farm on the ridgeline above the DeHart Reservoir in Dauphin County. The study was funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA). The year-long study concluded that the project could generate in excess of 60, 000, 000 kilowatt-hours per year, which could meet the electrical needs of 4, 000 homes. ARM, with its subconsultant AWS Truewind, completed the following components of the feasibility study:

Wind Resource Assessment – A 50m meteorological tower with multiple wind anemometers was installed on the ridge top above the DeHart Reservoir to collect wind speed measurements and other meteorological data over a 12-month period to evaluate the energy producing potential of the wind at the site.

Environmental Studies – ARM completed a preliminary environmental impact assessment, which involved the following evaluations:

  • Habitat Survey
  • Bird and Bat Survey with Risk Assessments
  • Wetlands Identification
  • Noise Assessment
  • Comprehensive Visibility Study – Including scaled renderings of the proposed wind farm

Community Outreach/Impact Studies – ARM conducted a study to assess the potential impact to the surrounding community and to determine the level of local support for the project.

Siting and Facility Layout Evaluation – ARM completed the following studies/assessments:

  • Site mapping and Easement/Right-of-Way Surveying
  • Preliminary Civil Infrastructure and Geotechnical Feasibility Evaluation
  • Turbine Size, Number, and Strategic Positioning
  • Conceptual Site Design including Transmission Line and Access Road Layouts
  • Interconnection Studies
  • Cost Estimate and Detailed Cash Flow Modeling

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