Freshwater Withdrawal Station

ARM engineering professionals continually apply their technical skills and offer valuable experience and guidance to clients to successfully achieve desired project outcomes.

ARM, in conjunction with ARM EnerTech Associates (AETA), was awarded a design bid proposal by a confidential client to design and construct a surface water withdrawal in Sullivan County, PA.  Currently, there are no other active, large-volume water sources located in the vicinity of the client’s leased acreage. 

The project was originally developed as a single phase project, but was later divided into two phases (Phase I and II).  Phase I entailed installation of a 870-foot long 12-inch diameter  high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) freshwater withdrawal pipeline, intake pumps piping and valves, and the electrical infrastructure to monitor and record withdrawal data and pump performance.  Pipeline excavation and installation was completed by Keystone Clearwater Solutions.

For Phase I, freshwater was stored in temporary tanks.  Phase II consisted of installation of two one-million gallon above ground freshwater storage tanks.

AETA provided the electrical design and installation of the system which included the development of monitoring software and a visual interface for flow monitoring and pump control.  Phase II included additional electrical work to install the remaining components for the load-out pumps for a six (6) bay truck distribution facility, and recirculation pumps for temperature control at the proposed storage tanks.

Additionally, ARM prepared and developed the Susquehanna River Basin Commission permit application and metering plan required for the withdrawal, and prepared and submitted the  Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Joint Permit Application for the installation of the buried intake line and intake screen.