Clinton County Solid Waste Authority

Wayne Township Landfill
Pilot-Scale Thin-Film Solar Landfill Cap

McElhattan, PA

ARM prepared a conceptual design to support a PEDA grant application for a proposed thin-film solar landfill cap project at the Wayne Township Landfill. If grant funding is secured, this project would provide an innovative, cost-effective, and revenue-generating alternative to traditional landfill cap systems. The primary purpose of this project will be to evaluate the performance and efficiency of a thin-film PV (solar) installation on the ground surface of a covered landfill. The system will involve applying thin-film solar modules to a thermally compatible synthetic membrane anchored to the intermediate cover surface of the landfill. Generated power would be used to offset the loads of the on-site Recycling Center, and any surplus power will be sold back to the utility grid through a net metering agreement.

The proposed system would cover approximately 0.25 acres, and will be installed on the lowermost slope with an estimated size of 90 feet wide and 120 feet long. The system will have approximately 372 PV panels and provide a rated capacity of 50 kW. The PV system will produce approximately 57, 000 kW-hrs/yr of electricity, or enough power to supply nearly six households with electricity. With a successful grant application, grant funding will likely cover 50% of the total project cost. The balance of the total project cost would be defrayed by the electricity costs offset by the PV system and by the sale of solar renewable energy credits (SRECs).

Thin Film PV System Conceptual Design