Chester County Solid Waste Authority Embarks on First Stage of Multi-Year Area E Expansion Construction Project

Chester County Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA) awarded the first construction contract for its multi-stage, multi-year construction project to expand the Lanchester Landfill. The landfill expansion project, known as “Area E, ” will include various site preparation activities and infrastructure upgrades to enable the landfill to be expanded. The initial build-out will require three separate stages of construction, taking place over approximately three years, and will involve:

  • Construction of sedimentation pond expansions and storm water facilities (Stage 1A) during the 2011 and 2012 construction seasons.
  • Modification of leachate, landfill gas, and electrical infrastructure (Stage 1B), to be performed concurrently with Stage 1A activities, during the 2012 construction season.
  • Preparatory grading for the mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) berm and Area E Landfill Cell 1 (Stage 1B).
  • Relocation of approximately 40, 000 cubic yards of waste and cover soil from the unlined Mountain Top Landfill into the active, double-lined Area D Landfill (Stage 1B).
  • Construction of the first phase of MSE berm and the new landfill cell expansion of approximately 17.8 acres (Stage 2).

Stage 1A got underway this fall (2011) and will continue until part way through 2012. The CCSWA plans to have expansion capacity by completing Stage 2 of Area E Construction at the beginning of 2014, followed by incremental build-outs of the remainder of the expansion through 2023.

ARM Group Inc. (ARM) was retained by CCSWA to provide engineering services to permit the Area E Expansion through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP), and to provide final engineering design services for bidding and construction-phase engineering.