Annville, Pennsylvania

New Warehouse/ Office Facility

ARM was retained to provide hydrogeologic and geothermal well field planning services in the design of a 200 to 300-ton open-loop ground source geothermal HVAC system for a proposed warehouse/office facility in Annville, Pennsylvania.  ARM utilized subsurface geologic information and geophysical (electrical resistivity) surveys to determine site-specific bedrock conditions that would provide an optimal location for the well field while minimizing drilling costs.  The initial test well produced substantial flows of groundwater, indicating that the site could support an open-loop geothermal system for the proposed facility.

ARM coordinated with the client to develop a cost-effective solution for the geothermal well field location and design; including well placement, spacing between wells, well depth, casing/grouting requirements, and connection to the facility.  ARM provided drilling oversight, well testing (pumping and injection simulation), and the final well field design criteria for the new system.  The facility was completed in 2010 with a high-efficiency open-loop geothermal system that operates at less than one half the cost of conventional HVAC.

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