AMP Solar

ARM’s solar design expertise was employed to assist AMP Solar in developing a 15MW DC AMP Solar community solar portfolio, which was a series of five projects that ranged in size from 2MW DC to 5MW DC.   ARM Group was awarded the geotechnical, electrical, structural and civil engineer of record services in late 2016 and recently completed the IFC drawing plan sets in early 2017. The AMP Solar Portfolio was installed on cleared wooded land at 5 different towns in Massachusetts, which imposed stringent development restrictions on the property. The design and construction of the site were implemented in a manner that would overcome the geotechnical and electrical hurdles presented at the site. The AMP Solar Portfolio was purchased by another solar developer and required a full electrical and civil redesign. ARM coordinated with National Grid and AMP Solar to upgraded each project from central to string inverters, increased the solar module wattage, and changed the racking and medium voltage equipment on all the sites. To support the equipment loads, and overcome the geotechnical subsurface conditions ARM designed foundation and racking systems utilizing ground screws. As the Engineer of Record, ARM also performed production and shading analysis, electrical and civil site inspections, arch-flash studies, voltage drop calculations and much more.

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