Conestoga Country Club

Electrical Resistivity Imaging
Water Resources & Subsurface Saturation

ARM was retained by Conestoga Country Club in Lancaster County, PA to locate a high yield water supply well for golf course irrigation use.  ARM performed a 2D electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) survey over a potentially fractured and highly saturated aquifer on the client’s property.Conestoga Country Club

The ERI profile shown here illustrates a low resistivity (blue) area that is associated with a highly fractured aquifer that produced 200 gallons-per-minute (gpm) during the drilling operations (see photo below).  Aquifer testing indicated that this well was capable of sustained production rates of 195 gpm allowing Conestoga Country Club to use this source as its sole water supply well.Conestoga Country Club

Photograph of drilling discharge of 200 gpm from water supply well associated with the ERI profile shown above.  Following drilling and well development, the discharged water became sediment-free and is now used to irrigate the golf course.