Daniel N. Fellon, P.E.

Mr. Fellon is Vice President of ARM’s Solid Waste Management practice.  Mr. Fellon has been actively involved in numerous solid waste management, geotechnical, and environmental engineering projects over the past 12 years.  His solid waste management experience includes multiple landfill expansion and infrastructure permitting and construction projects, mechanically-stabilized earth (MSE) berms, solid waste relocation and beneficial reuse projects; landfill closure plans and equivalency evaluations including alternative final cover systems; compliance-related sampling, monitoring, and reporting; and construction quality assurance (CQA).  Mr. Fellon directs numerous projects with ARM’s CQA professionals, and has managed projects involving landfill cell liner and closure cap installations, MSE berm construction, soil borrow and earthmoving activities, transfer stations and solid waste facility support buildings, leachate containment facility rehabilitation, and water management controls.  He has also performed value engineering studies, constructability reviews, visibility and line-of-sight studies for land development and solid waste facility expansion projects, and various stormwater management and E&S control sequence designs for interim and permanent stormwater management.  Mr. Fellon holds professional engineering licenses in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and South Carolina, and graduated from Bucknell University with a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a B.A. in Geology.