Wireline (Open Hole) Engineer

Wireline (Open Hole) Engineer – Candidate must possess at least 3 years of experience operating an open-hole wireline truck. Must have experience logging wells for oil and gas applications running tools to depths greater than 8000 feet. The operator must have a Pennsylvania CDL. The home office location for this position will be Canonsburg, State College, or Hershey, PA. Candidate must have demonstrated ability to work independently on remote well sites, possess a strong mechanical aptitude, and the ability to work well and communicate well with others. High school diploma or equivalent along with industry experience required. Preferred qualificatications include Associate’s degree or completion of technical or trade school with a minimum of three (3) years directly related work experience; knowledge of OSHA safety requirements; proficient with a personal computer; general knowledge in operation electronics, computers, and software used in open-hole logging; possession of a commercial driver’s license; radioactive materials training; the physical ability to lift 80 lbs on a consistent basis; ability to work in a team environment and establish good working relationships with others; available and willingness to travel to various locations

Resumes may be mailed, faxed, or sent via email to hr.resumes@armgroup.net
Please submit in – rtf; doc; or pdf format.