Field Technician


Geo-Science Engineering & Testing, LLC (GSET) is seeking a Field Technician for our Canonsburg, PA office location to support a wide range of engineering and construction projects in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. The duties of this Field Technician position will consist of conducting Construction Quality Assurance (CQA)/Construction Quality Control (CQC) field inspections and quality control testing.  CQA/CQC responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, field testing of concrete, soil and aggregate, and bituminous paving materials.

The selected candidate will receive on-the-job training to perform the following: observation, documentation and field density testing of soil placement, aggregate placement, concrete placement and bituminous materials installation. Duties will include logging of self-performed hand-auger borings, test pits, and machine-augered borings.  Timely and accurate reporting of logs and test results is required.  Ideal candidate will have construction labor or observation experience, technical writing experience, good communication skills, and basic computer skills.


High School Diploma (or equivalent), 2-year vocational, or college degree preferred. Candidate must be physically capable of performing required duties, including the ability to work at hazardous waste sites with personal protective equipment. MUST have the ability to lift 30-60 lbs from the floor to 2′; occasionally lift 60-100 lbs from the floor to 2′; and frequently carry 30-60 lbs for 10-30′.  Occasionally carry 60-100 lbs for 10-30′, stand for at least 8 hours, often on uneven surfaces and move for up to 8 hours with frequent bending and stooping. Outside work in inclement weather and travel for extended periods should be expected.

The candidate to be hired for this position MUST have a valid driver’s license without restrictions. The candidate must have personal and reliable transportation to allow him/her to get from the residence to the work place and return.  The person may be asked to use personal transportation for work-related purposes.  The person will be reimbursed for travel expenses at approved government rates.  The person MUST pass a drug screening and a background check.

Resumes may be mailed, faxed, or sent via email to Please submit in – rtf; doc; or pdf format.