Check out ARM’s Role in Frey Farm Landfill

Check out how ARM’s broad-based solid waste experience and ability to create technically, environmentally, and financially-sound solutions has allowed us to be a part of numerous phases of Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA’s) Frey Farm Landfill development project.

LCSWMA owns and operates the Frey Farm Landfill, a solid waste disposal facility in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. LCSWMA continually employs innovative and environmentally conscious practices and technologies. Over the years, ARM Group has assisted LCSWMA in making the Frey Farm Landfill an example of excellence in solid waste operation, environmental compliance, and progressive design.

ARM has provided a wide variety of services for numerous phases of construction at Frey Farm Landfill, including preparing bid documents, resident engineering, CQA monitoring and testing, professional certification and final design. ARM also assisted in construction of a state-of-the art, 3.2-MW wind energy project at Turkey Hill Point (on the property owned by the Frey Farm Landfill).