ARM Acquires Geo-Science Engineering Co., Inc. (GSE)

ARM Group Inc. has announced the acquisition of Geo-Science Engineering Co., Inc. (GSE), of Jessup, PA, a company that practices in the field of geotechnical engineering, construction inspection and laboratory testing.

GSE was established in 1983 and is comprised of approximately 23 employees. GSE’s core services include Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Mining Engineering, Specialized Foundation and Wall Design, Soil Nail Wall Design, Landfill CQA, Materials Testing and many more.

ARM’s acquisition will expand our footprint and service offerings in Northeast PA and surrounding areas, as well as enhance and bolster ARM’s Geotechnical Engineering practice area with expanded capabilities. The acquisition will also grow ARM’s solid waste engineering and CQA opportunities in NE PA and beyond and allow ARM to offer in-house materials testing services.

Following the acquisition, Geo-Science Engineering Co. Inc. will become Geo-Science Engineering and Testing, LLC or “GSET”.

With the acquisition of GSET, ARM’s customers will benefit from expanded service offerings, allowing for more turn-key project delivery solutions. ARM will have greater resource depth to staff larger projects throughout a broader geographic footprint and we will be able to expedite materials testing with a single point of contact. Our enhanced geotechnical capabilities will allow for the completion of more sophisticated and complex projects coupled with broadened inspection services.