Solar Energy Solutions

With solar panel costs dropping and the value of renewable energy credits and government subsidies rising, the economics of solar energy are becoming increasingly competitive with traditional energy sources. This is especially true for sites/businesses with ample space and relatively high electrical consumption.

ARM’s engineers can assist in adding solar energy production capacity to a variety of sites by offering
comprehensive services including:


  • Solar Power Feasibility Studies including:
    1. Project Funding Availability (Grants, Loans, Tax Credits)
    2. Solar Panel Technologies Evaluation
    3. Assessment of Annual Energy Production Potential and Associated Energy and Cost Savings
    4. Determination of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions and Environmental Equivalency Benefits
  • Site Selection and Optimization
    1. Grid Connection Issues
    2. Structural Integrity of Mounting Surfaces
    3. Ground Mounting Design Engineering
    4. Shading and E&S Controls Considerations
  • Conceptual/Final Layout and Design
  • Preparation of Contract Documents
  • Installation
  • Construction Quality Assurance and Project Management

From municipal authority sites and schools wishing to supplement their energy consumption with solar power to large multi-megawatt commercial-scale projects covering many acres, ARM has the capabilities and know-how to convert your site’s solar radiation into usable and economical electricity.  Speak with an ARM representative about how to optimize the solar resources at your site, reduce your energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and set an example of responsible environmental stewardship for your local community.

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