Solar Energy Solutions

Demand for photovoltaic (PV) energy and battery storage continues to grow as energy prices rise, concerns about climate change persist, customer demand increases and due to policy incentives. With the cost of PV and battery storage materials dropping, the economics of solar energy are becoming increasingly competitive with traditional energy sources. Whether you have a commercial, industrial, or municipal site, ARM engineers can make solar energy production a reality by offering a comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ project design and management service; bringing together a team of expert professionals to ensure the successful and cost effective design, permitting, and installation of your PV energy system.


Solar Energy Feasibility Studies, Engineering Design & Engineer of Record (EOR) Services

  • Conceptual Design / Site LayoutView-shed/FAA glare analyses
  • Project Funding Due Diligence (Grants, Loans, Tax Credits)
  • Solar Panel, Inverter, Battery Storage, Energy Management Software (EMS), Medium Voltage and Racking Technology Evaluation
  • Assessment of Annual Energy Production Potential (PVsyst) and Shading Analysis
  • Electrical, Civil, Structural, Environmental and Geotechnical Studies, Design and EOR Services

Economic and Financial Analysis

ARM is able to prepare a preliminary financial analysis to assess the potential viability of a proposed solar energy project based on a variety of potential project development scenarios. For net metered projects, ARM will examine the economic viability of a solar system sized to offset the site’s electrical loads. ARM will then develop a unique cash flow model for a variety of financial scenarios for the site that will be used to compute NPV, IRR, return-on-equity, and payback period.

Selection and Optimization

  • Grid Connection, Interconnection/Electrical Infrastructure Assessment and Substation Design
  • Structural Integrity of Mounting Surfaces
  • Ground Mounting Design Engineering
  • Quantitative Shading Analysis

Land Development Planning, Zoning Approval, Permitting

ARM will evaluate local zoning ordinances, building codes, environmental conservation commission and other regulatory permitting requirements and complete the steps necessary to successfully permit the project.

Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) Contracts and Power Purchase Agreements

On behalf of the client, ARM can assist in establishing an equitable SREC contract to ensure that the project developer is maximizing the potential return on investment. ARM can also assist in establishing power purchase agreements with utilities or nearby large energy consumers to ensure the financial viability of the project.

Electrical Infrastructure and Substation Design Engineering

ARM and its wholly owned subsidiary, ARM Enertech Associates (AETA), have the combined resources to design all of the electrical features of a solar energy project, including inverter selection, transformer design, switchgear design, battery storage and energy management software design, and substation design for larger systems interconnecting to the grid.

Visual Simulations, Production Analysis, and 3D Shading

ARM prepares design drawings of sufficient detail to construct the project. ARM is also able to prepare photo-simulations and visual renderings of the project to assist in the promotion or permitting of the project. Once the solar project layout has been determined, ARM’s electrical engineers perform 3D shading and production analysis (PVsyst) to ensure that our customers are maximizing their energy production and economic output.

Construction Quality Assurance, Project Management and Engineer of Record Services

Once the project moves into the design and construction phases, ARM has the resources and expertise to provide construction management, construction-phase engineering and EOR services, and construction quality assurance services to ensure a successful project outcome.