Turkmenistan Drilling Waste Disposal Facility

ARM and our teaming partner Environmental Solutions International (ESI) are preparing the design of a modern waste management disposal facility to properly manage wastes from off-shore oil drilling operations and associated on-shore support activities in Hazar, Turkmenistan.  Our contract for design engineering and construction quality assurance services is with a Turkish construction company that is completing the waste management facility as a design-build project.  The owner and operator of the facility will be Dragon Oil Turkmenistan Limited.  ARM’s partner, ESI has completed a hydrogeological investigation of the proposed site. ARM is currently developing design for the facility, which will include separate cells for disposal of water-based drill cuttings and muds, oil-based drill cuttings and muds, and general plant trash and debris from operations. This is the fourth project that ARM has performed with ESI in Turkmenistan.  ESI has an office with a staff of six in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.